About us

Yvonne Selles and Ronald Anthony, initiators of Myanmar go Local

A farm under the palm trees
We adopted one female dog because the owner could not pay her food anymore and she was to be killed; we now have seven lovable dogs. The first cow was my birthday present; the second we bought because it would be slaughtered to cover the cost of a wedding. The other 8 cows were born on the premises, the last – a cheerful little bull – was born last season. It starts to resemble a sort of farm under the palm trees by the sea.

Dreams are to be realized
In 2010 Ronald and I bought a piece of land on the Bay of Bengal, near the picturesque village of Thamia, where we built a wooden house. During the construction of our wooden house we lived in Thamia for five months and fell in love with the village and the people. The absence of drinking water, electricity, transportation, medical care, lack of education and money for daily life was, to us, the reason to help this village. Three years ago we built a detached guesthouse so friends and guests can stay on our beautiful plot.

Ronald is Burmese, born in Yangon. I am Dutch, live in Amsterdam and stay for over seven months a year in Burma, most of the time, together with Ronald, in Thamia. We have good contact with the locals, sponsor small ‘projects’, give English lessons and regularly organize parties for the villagers. We want to help the village, but we cannot do it on our own.

Thamia village, an unforgettable experience