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Meisje met kokosnoot, Thamia, Ngapali beach, Myanmar (Birma)

In the Bay of Bengal, on the west coast of Burma, just one hour by boat from Ngapali beach and beautifully situated between two pagodas, lies the lovely village of Thamia. A paradise for travelers who like to explore the traditional villages. We would like to invite you to experience this yourself. Experience the ordinary, everyday life and enjoy the hospitality of the people.
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vis wordt gedroogd, Ngapali beach, Myanmar (Birma). JPG

Take a boat trip down the meandering river and let the scenery slide past you. Visit the small villages in the area, meet the friendly locals and taste the local palm wine ‘Dany’. Take a spiritual look in one of the monasteries, or visit the two small islands in front of the coast and learn how you can catch an octopus. ‘Myanmar go Local’ organizes day trips and excursions. Visit Thamia village, an unforgettable experience.
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Myanmar, Ngapali, Guesthouse van Nederlandse, vrijstaande bungalow aan nog onontdekt strand

Experience the ordinary, simple daily life and enjoy the hospitality of the people. Relax in the Dutch Beach Bungalow on an undiscovered beach. A detached guesthouse beautifully situated among palm trees on a quiet private plot. You will enjoy the beautiful peaceful view of the blue-green sea with a magnificent sunset or the dark red sunrise over the misty rice fields and hills. You will encounter no other tourists here. The bungalow for 2 persons is the only accommodation in Andrew Bay.
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Kinderen in Ngapali beach, Myanmar (Birma). JPG

We have the village and the inhabitants of Thamia in our hearts. The friendliness of the people and the lack of drinking water, electricity, transportation, medical care, lack of education and money for daily life was the reason for us to help this village. ‘Myanmar go local’ is a small organization. We help local people to earn a living in a sustainable way and raise money for the funding of projects of common interest and providing small short-term loans.
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