Thamia village, a charming village in beautiful surroudings

Authentic villages in Burma are not listed in Lonely Planet
In the Bay of Bengal, on the west coast of Burma, just one hour by boat from Ngapali beach and beautifully situated between two pagodas, lies the lovely village of Thamia. A paradise for travelers who want to explore local villages and enjoy the hospitality of the people. 
We would like to invite friends and family to experience this. Witness the ordinary, everyday life and enjoy the hospitality of the people.
Boat trip
Take a boat trip along the meandering river and let the scenery glide past you. Visit the small villages in the area, meet the friendly locals and taste the local palm wine ‘Dany’.

Take a walk through the villages and rice fields, take a spiritual look at one of the monasteries, walk through the green hills and watch how they grow cashew nuts. Or visit the two small islands in front of the coast and learn how you can catch an octopus. If you are lucky you may see a “Horseshoe Crab”, one of the oldest living animals on earth.

Small red crabs
From the veranda of your private bungalow you can daily watch the hundreds of red crabs who are busy making their holes on the beach, while enjoying the beautiful sunset and see the moon rising over the paddy fields.

‘Myanmar go local’ organizes day trips and excursions to beautiful authentic villages near Thamia. Visit Thamia village, an unforgettable experience.

Visit the traditional authentic villages in Myanmar and enjoy the hospitality of the local people.