Uitzicht Dutch Beach Bungalo

For reservations, we need the following information:
First name, Last name, Email address or your Burmese telephone number,
Dates desired nights: (minimum 3 nights),
Number of persons: (1 or 2),
2 separate beds or 2 beds together (one big bed).

Contact via contact form:
Because in Thamia the Internet range is limited, we can unfortunately not always adequately respond to your question. For questions and reservations via the contact form, keep in mind that sometimes it can take up to 3 days before you will receive an answer from us.

Click here for opening the contact form

Click here for opening the contact form

Contactformulier/ Contactform Myanmar go local

*: verplicht/ required

* Uw voornaam/ Your firstname:

* Uw achternaam/ Your surname:

* Uw e-mailadres/ Your e-mailadres:

* Gewenste aankomstdatum/ Desired arrival date:

Aantal overnachtingen/ Number of nights
(minimaal 3 overnachtingen/minimum 3 nights)

*Aantal overnachtingen/ Number of nights

Let op: Er is slechts één bungalow voor maximaal twee personen.

* Aantal personen (1 of 2)/ Number of persons (1 of 2):
 1 2

* 1 of 2 aparte bedden/ 1 or 2 single beds:
 1 bed 2 beds

Vraag of extra informatie/ Whether additional information

Onderwerp/ Subject

Uw bericht/ Your message

U ontvangt direct per mail een kopie van dit contactformulier in uw inbox.
Zo niet check s.v.p. uw spambox.
You will immediately receive by mail a copy of this form in your inbox.
Otherwise please check your spam box.

Telephone contact:
For questions and reservations until 1 October you can contact us directly by phone.
Netherland: 0031 20 6931419.
When you call in the Netherlands: 020 6931419.
From 1 October – mid May, you can call us in Burma via telephone number: 0095 943030187. Are you already in Burma call: 0943030187.

In Burma, you can nowadays buy almost everywhere a local SIM card for your mobile phone -GSM-. With most smartphones you can also email. MPT (state) network has the largest coverage. Connections are not always optimal. Upgrading is by means of prepaid cards

We only have one bungalow for max. 2 persons. The bungalow is available from mid-October to mid-May.